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Heluhelu Quiz Bowl
Rules and Procedures 2024

Big Island Heluhelu Quiz Bowl

April 11. 2024

Rules & Procedures

Purpose: To provide a fun yet thoughtful competition about reading.


Rules and Procedures:

COVID Protocols:  Attendees will comply with current state and county regulations.


Teams: Each team shall consist of between three to five members from the 4th, 5th, 6th and

7th grades. For an elementary school OR Intermediate school that is fielding two teams, the

first team shall consist of 5 members and the second team can have from between three to

five members. For a combined Elementary and Intermediate School, a Public Library or

Homeschool group that is fielding two teams, the first team shall consist of 5 members and

the second team can have from between three to five members. If an entity is fielding

separate Elementary and Intermediate teams, each team can have from between three to five

members. Each team will appoint a recorder to write down the answer in pencil on the

scratch paper provided and a checker to verify the written answer. Except for water bottles,

all personal items; e.g., bags, books, phones, etc.) are to be placed under the team table

during the competition.

Observers are to be seated in the audience area.

Questions: Each question will be based on a book from the book list and will be so

formulated that a short answer will suffice. The spelling, capitalization, and punctuation of

the titles, subtitles, and authors’ last names must be correct. Omission of beginning articles

(A, An, & The) of titles is acceptable. In case of a misspelled word other than an author or

title; e.g., name of a character, the table judge can have the team captain give the answer


Quiz Bowl: The quiz master will read each question twice only. Teams will be given one

minute after the question is read a second time. The timekeeper will ring the bell once for a

five (5) second warning. Once an answer has been given to the table judge, it cannot be

altered even if the bell has not rung. When the time is up, the bell will ring several times.

The quiz master will announce, “pencils down.” The answer is then given to the table judge.

Table judges may confer with the master judges if the answer is questionable. If the answer is

correct, the table judge will hold up a green flag (score); if the answer is incorrect, a red flag

(no score). Keep flags up until the scorekeepers have recorded the points and the quiz master

has announced “Flags down.” The next question will then be read. There will be a stretch

break after question #15 and question #30. After the 30th question, there will be a pause to

determine if there are any ties. Please remain quiet and in your seats.

Tiebreaker: If there are ties, the bowl will continue until all ties are broken. Tiebreaker

questions will require multi-part answers. Once there are no ties, a short break will take place.

Winner Announcement: The top 3 teams will be announced as winners. Certificates of

participation, gift cards and winner certificates will be distributed to each table and students

should fill in their own names.

Team Photos with Author: Each team will be called to have their photo taken with the

author and receive their signed books. During this time, coaches and team members, while

waiting to be called, will sign the thank you letters provided and fill out evaluations.

Closing: Folders and other materials will be collected from each table. Teams are released.

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