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About Friends of the Library - Waikoloa Region

The State has approved $11 Million to begin the process of the new Library! The location of the new Library is going to be on Kamakoa Drive, near the skate park.
design of a new community library.

Friends of the Library  –  Waikoloa Region, Hawaii provides a learning resource center and a gathering place via a transitional bookmobile until a permanent library facility is built in Waikoloa. We operate Programs that support literacy in the Waikoloa Community. Our objectives, once the library is built and operating are:

  • To assist in maintaining the Waikoloa Regional Library

  • To increase the library’s holdings by securing materials beyond the scope of ordinary library budget

  • To encourage and accept donations of new or gently used books, monetary donations and other appropriate material that can enrich the cultural opportunities available to the people of Hawai’i


Executive Board

Julia Alos -

 Longtime resident and community activist in Waikoloa.  Currently Chair of Waikoloa Community Leadership Council and member of SKCDPAC for seven years and past Chair and member of WV Firewise Committee.  During her term as Vice President of Waikoloa Village Outdoor Circle, she visualized, organized and promoted  Waikoloa Wiliwili Festivals', 2010, 2011.  Currently she’s in the infancy stages of standing up a future Waikoloa Mauka/Makai Resilience Hub

Ruth Bernstone -

Ruth has lived in Waikoloa Village for 27 years and is a retired CPA.  She is one of the founding members and past President of Friends of the Library - Waikoloa Region.  She is currently the Grant Manager, a member of the Big Island Heluhelu Quiz Bowl Committee as well as managing Baby's First Book program.  Ruth loves practicing tai chi, reading, baking and doing puzzles.

Norma Edelman -  

is a retired program administrator for child health care services at the Colorado Department of Health.  She has lived In Waikoloa for 18 years and has volunteered for FL-WR for many years including the Newberry and Heluhelu quiz bowls.

Michael Gaston, President

Michael is a retired library director.  He led efforts to form the Siuslaw Library District and the Deschutes Public Library District, both in Oregon.  He is a past president of the Oregon Library Association.

David Giff -

is a retired elementary classroom teacher and K-8 librarian.  He has been participating in the Newbery and Heluhelu Quiz Bowls since 2009, and is currently on the Heluhelu steering committee.  He is also a volunteer for The Marine Mammal Center, responding to Monk Seal haul-outs.  An unapologetic reader, he also enjoys bicycling, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and a never ending amount of yard work.

Bette Green -

is a retired educator and founding President of FL-WR. She has served on the Board from its inception, through affiliation with Friends of the Library Hawaii, bookmobile acquisition and other milestone events on the pathway to a Waikoloa library.  She believes a library brings opportunities and strengthens a community.

Donna Konie, Treasurer-

I am a retired middle school math and science teacher, though I still substitute teach at Waikoloa School.  Besides being Treasurer for FL-WR I also manage the bookmobile and help plan the events that happen there.   As a teacher, I know the importance of  libraries and books, volunteering with Friends of the Library is my way of sharing my love of books.

Lee Morris -

I’m a retired nurse and have owned property in the village for 20 years and moved here in 2016. I play golf a couple of times a week. I joined the FL-WL to help make our community a better place to live. 

Mona Peck, Media Publicist -

 is a professional harpist, teacher and a Certified Music Practitioner and Music-Thanatologist, providing music for patients in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice.

She is the editor of the monthly FL-WR newsletter Chapters, as well as posting FL-WR events to NextDoor.

Cindi Sweeney, Secretary -

is a retired middle school teacher and is an avid reader.  As part of her secretarial duties, she the Webmaster and FL - WR Facebook Adminstrator. She is involved with Heluhelu Quiz Bowl and planning literacy programs for Keiki.  She is also planning quarterly story time for individual classes at Waikoloa School.

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