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 Give Aloha 2023, Foodland's Annual Community Matching Gifts Program!

Organization Name: Friends of the Library-Waikoloa Region
Organization ID Code: 78656

There are a few simple steps to ensure your donation benefits Friends of the Library - Waikoloa Region.

  • Customers must be an enrolled Maika`i Member to make a donation, and can donate up to $249 per organization.

  • Donations exceeding $249 per organization will not be matched. Foodland will donate $249, but will not exceed that amount per individual donation. Simply, donate up to $249 and Foodland will donate $249.   Donate $500, Foodland will only donate $249.

  • Donations made without a Maika`i Account will not be matched.  

  • Individuals must use their own Maika`i Account to make a donation.

  • Not a  Maika'i member?  Please follow this link:

  • Nearest Locations:

    • Sack and Save - Kona

    • Foodland Farms - Mauni Lani

    • Foodland - Waimea

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