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Big Island Heluhelu Quiz Bowl Book Samples Questions

Big Island Heluhelu Quiz Bowl  

April 11, 2024  

Sample Questions  

1. In the book Allergic, what did Maggie name her pet mouse? 

Ans: Pipsqueak (Ch. 7 P. 130) 

2. In the book Odder, how much food must an otter eat each day? 

Ans: a quarter OR 1/4 of their body weight (P. 24) 

3. In the book Iveliz Explains it All, what does ISBI stand for? 

Ans: In School Behavior Intervention (P. 7) 

4. In the book Rez Dogs, what does the word “Malsum” mean? 

Ans: old name for wolf (Ch. 1 P. 2) 

5. In the book The Midnight Children, what is the plan to save the Ragabonds? Ans: To have them live with the Fosters. (Pp. 324-326) 

6. In the book Tumble, Adele’s Abuelo had three sons, name two. 

Ans: Manny, Speedy, Mateo (references throughout the book)  

7. In the book Merci Suarez Can’t Dance, what is Merci’s job at the Heart Ball? Ans: Merci is the photographer using the selfie booth equipment. (Ch 10 p.89) 

8. In the book Wink, What nickname does Ross give himself? 

Ans: BATPIG (P. 102) 

9. In the book Class Act, what enables Mr. Pierre to help Liam with soccer? Ans: Mr. Pierre played soccer in Haiti (P. 125)

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